5 Common Mistakes When You DIY Your Estate Planning

You’ve heard of people DIY-ing their home renovations and décor, but what about DIY-ing your estate planning? Internet tools have made it possible for individuals to draft estate planning documents without the advice of an experienced estate planning attorney. However, some common mistakes can happen when they choose to do so.

Signature and Selection of Agent Issues

In Ohio, each estate planning document has its own signature or notary requirements that must be followed.  Also, there are limitations on who can witness a document and who can be the agent in your power of attorney.  Many individuals do not realize this when they prepare their own estate planning documents, and unfortunately, these mistakes invalidate the entire document.

Failure to List Alternates

You likely very carefully chose your executor when planning your estate. However, if they are not available when called upon down the road, the court will appoint a replacement executor. You can save your loved ones from a lot of potential headaches by simply listing one or two alternate fiduciaries or agents in your estate planning documents.

Using Forms or On-line Websites to Create Complex Estate Planning Documents

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