We have the experience you need.

Some attorneys practice everything and don’t specialize in anything. When you practice everything, it’s hard to be good at anything. That’s why at the Law Office of Philip A. King, LLC, we FOCUS on doing a couple of things well – probate, estate planning, and guardianships. When it comes to probate, etstae planning and guardianship, we know that we have the experience you need, the value you want, and the integrity you deserve.

We are here to help when any of these occur…


Someone special to you died and you need help with their property and bills.

Probate Administration

You want to protect yourself now and provide for your family’s future with an estate plan. 

Living Trusts and Trust Administration

You have a child with autism who is now 18 years old or older and you need to care for them as an adult.

Guardianship Appointments

You’re an attorney who received a letter from Disciplinary Counsel and you don’t want to lose your license.

Legal Ethics Defense