Legal Ethics Defense IN COLUMBUS, OH

Confidential Advisory Opinions are now as easy as 1, 2, 3.

As a solo or small firm attorney, you face various situations that call for legal ethics advice under the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct.

• Leaving or switching law firms
• Closing or selling a law practice
• Early Termination of Representation
• Attorney fee issues
• Conflict of Interest concerns
• IOLTA Account and Client fund problems
• Dispute with Client or Opposing Counsel

When legal ethics situations like these come up, what will you do – call up an expensive law firm that will bill you for every six minutes, possibly leading to thousands of dollars in legal fees, or do nothing hoping everything works out? For solos and small firms, these are horrible options. So the Law Office of Philip A. King, LLC has developed this service to ensure that every solo practitioner and small firm can afford quality ethics counsel and well-researched legal advice starting at $399.  First you get a Confidential Advisory Opinion Consultation with an experienced legal ethics attorney to answer your legal ethics question. Then, you have the options of receiving a written confidential advisory opinion and additional legal ethics services. READ MORE…

Confidential Advisory Opinion Consultation – This is like your own private continuing legal education (CLE) session. At the meeting, we will discuss in detail the answer to your ethics question plus answers to related ethics questions that you needed to ask but never crossed your mind. The meeting will last 45-60 minutes. The information you’ll receive is gold, so notetaking is encouraged (sorry no audio or video recordings allowed). You will leave with a complete understanding of the disciplinary rules and absolute clarity about the action you need to take. This service costs $399.

Written Confidential Advisory Opinion – After your Confidential Advisory Opinion Consultation, you might want a written opinion for your file or to show to others as proof that you received an ethics opinion. You can request a written advisory opinion regarding the specific question submitted. This service cost an additional $299. You also have the option to request a written advisory opinion in lieu of a consultation meeting without this additional cost, but I strongly recommend attending the meeting because you’ll get so much more from the live interaction.

Document review and preparation – Once you have the answer to your question, you might want additional legal services related to your issue. We can review or prepare the documents necessary to put your plan into action. The fees for these additional services will depend on legal services involved.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – Submit your question
Step 2 – Schedule your appointment
Step 3 – Submit your initial $399 payment

It’s that easy.

Call the Law Office of Philip A. King, LLC now at 614.610.4545.


+ How do I submit a question?

You can submit a question by contacting the Law Office of Philip A. King, LLC by telephone at (614) 610-4545, by email at, or online at

+ What questions can I ask?

First, briefly describe the situation in the form of a hypothetical (e.g. Attorney A, Client A, Law Firm A). Do not use real names of people or businesses. The description cannot exceed 500 characters. Next, ask an ethics question based on the facts presented. The question can be specific as to whether a particular action is ethical or broad as what would the disciplinary rules require in the situation described. We reserve the right to determine whether questions presented necessitate separate confidential advisory opinions. The confidential advisory opinion you receive will be based on the facts as presented, the Ohio Rule of Professional Conduct, Ohio case law, and advisory opinions of the Board of Commissioners on Professional Conduct.

+ Can I get a confidential advisory opinion regarding an on-going disciplinary investigation or complaint?

Your confidential advisory opinion will be based on a hypothetical question, not a real situation. If you need representation in disciplinary matter, please contact us at (614) 610-4545.

+ Can we meet by teleconference instead of in person?

Yes, please request this when scheduling your appointment.

+ Can I arrange an in-house meeting for my office?

Yes, we can have the meeting at your office or another location in Franklin County, Ohio for an additional $200. Ask about our fee for a meeting outside Franklin County, Ohio.

+ Can another person attend the meeting with me?

Yes, provided that he or she has the same interest regarding the ethical issue as you do. This is not a mediation. There is no additional charge for the first additional person, but there is an additional $50 charge for each additional person after that.

WHY CHOSE ME to be your Ethics Attorney? Because you need a defense counsel who knows how a prosecutor thinks.

“He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

This quote from Abraham Lincoln could not be more true than in the case of attorneys representing themselves in disciplinary matters for two reasons.

  1. You are only human. So you have the same emotions we all have – emotions that can easily “cloud” your judgment when your career, professional reputation, and livelihood are at stake! Especially when one is being prosecuted, the ability to “emotionally detach” oneself from a situation is often lost, and what would normally be rational and objective judgment are replaced by feelings of anger, worry, fear, and stress.
  2. You are not competent to represent yourself, unless you practice legal ethics. Legal ethics defense is a very unique area of law. So ask yourself – would you hire someone like you (who knew as much about the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct and the disciplinary process as you do) to handle your case?

Do you know…

• How to respond to a grievance without raising additional red flags?
• Whether you should request that your response not be disclosed to the grievant?
• Which violations need to be self-reported and which don’t?
• Which violations will lead to prosecution and which won’t?
• What you can do to prevent a bar complaint if a disciplinary violation is found?
• How to determine whether the sanction offered by bar counsel is too harsh?
• When admitting a violation will help your case?
• When denying a violation will hurt your case?
• The 3 things in your control that can get you a lighter sanction?
• The most common mistake that leads to a higher sanction?

I know the answer to all these questions and many more. For six and a half years, I worked for the Supreme Court of Ohio as an Assistant Disciplinary Counsel. During that time, I conducted over 1,000 disciplinary investigations of attorney and judges and prosecuted those who violated the disciplinary rules. I was especially proficient in complaints involving “Interest on Lawyer’s Trust Account” (IOLTA) accounts and the unauthorized practice of law and became the go-to person for advice in those matters. I also began training bar counsel on how to prosecute disciplinary cases at the national level in 2011. I understand how disciplinary authorities investigate grievances and prosecute complaints because I worked there and trained newer attorneys on how to do it. When it comes to disciplinary matters, I know firsthand…

• What raises red flags
• How to fix violations
• What the likely outcome of your case will be
• What, if anything, can be done to avoid a bar complaint

Call the Law Office of Philip A. King, LLC at 614.610.4545 now.

Full Menu of Legal Ethics Services

• Confidential Advisory Opinions
• Disciplinary Investigation Representation
• Bar Complaint Defense
• IOLTA Account Management
• Character and Fitness Appeals
• Bar Admission without Exam Appeals
• Legal Advertisement Vetting
• Conflicts of Interest Determinations
• Excessive Fee Evaluations
• In-house Legal Ethics Training
• Expert Witness Ethics Opinions
• Unauthorized Practice of Law Defense