4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Estate Planning Lawyer

There are many estate planning lawyers out there, but that doesn’t mean they are all the right choice for you and your family. How can you ensure the lawyer you choose is up for the challenge of handling these sensitive matters with expertise and attention to detail?

Tip #1: Choose a Lawyer with a Concentration in Estate Planning Services

There are some lawyers out there who will take any type of case that walks through the door. While this might not be an issue for small matters, it is a major issue for those looking to create an airtight estate plan with a living trust that fulfills their exact wishes and benefits their loved ones. Look for a lawyer whose niche is estate planning!

Tip #2: Let the Internet Help You

If you haven’t received any referrals from trusted sources, your best choice is to log on and view the profiles of local estate planning lawyers. Naturally, you should be looking to hire those that have an extensive background successfully representing their clients in estate planning matters.  Also, check out their reviews to learn what you’ll likely experience if you hire them.

Tip #3: Meet (Virtually or Physically) for a Consultation

As you complete your research for estate planning lawyers, it is a good idea to meet before deciding to hire them. Different lawyers have different styles of working and communicating, and you’ll want to ensure your selection meets your needs and can work effectively with you throughout this sensitive and thorough process.  Before you say yes, ask:

  • What experience do you have in estate planning?
  • Why are you recommending this particular estate plan based on my situation?
  • What documents and services are included?  What’s not included?
  • Will my living trust have special language that protects my beneficiaries from creditors?
  • Do you assist with setting up my assets to avoid probate? Is there a charge?
  • Do you charge for phone calls and meetings to discuss changes to my estate plan?
  • What is the fee and are there additional fees I will need to pay?
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee or payment plans?


Tip #4: Evaluate Value (not price)

Would you pay $50 for $100? Of course, because you recognize that the price you paid resulted in twice the value.  Price is what you pay, Value is what you get! When it comes to living trusts, the national average cost is $1,100-1,500 USD for an individual, and $1,700-2,500 USD for a married couple. That is just the cost of the living trust by itself and does not include the other documents and services you’ll need. As with many other things in life, you get what you pay for!  So, you shouldn’t expect to receive top quality service out of a lawyer offering the cheapest price.  But does that mean you should spring for the most expensive lawyer you can find? Absolutely not. Instead, choose a lawyer that you believe meets your needs with payments you can afford!  Spoiler Alert: We offer payment plans up to a year.

Choosing the right estate planning lawyer is clearly a big decision! We want to be the ally in your corner, looking out for your best interests every step of the way. Schedule a consultation with our team to get started today!